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Who are we?


Who are we ?



The France Air Group is a family company created in 1960. Since 1996, it has been headed up by Olivier Dolbeau.

Specialising in the design and distribution of air handling systems, the France Air Group occupies a unique position on the market. It operates in the tertiary and industrial sectors, in hospital hygiene, individual and collective housing, and professional kitchens.


The company’s headquarters are in Beynost, close to the French city of Lyon, where the Administrative, Purchasing and Marketing departments are based, along with a centralised logistics platform and a dedicated customer call centre.

The commercial network extends as far as Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa, offering comprehensive coverage via its 11 subsidiaries (two of which are franchises) and local distributors.

The France Air distribution network is based around 15 Comptoirs de l’Air®, veritable points of sale with a stock of products, and 9 commercial offices located throughout France and its territories.

The Group has a turnover of €140M and exports its products and systems into more than 35 countries, with 25% of turnover coming from the export market.

France Air has a very broad range of products, with more than 15,000 references. Each year, France Air products are installed on approximately 60,000 sites.