The France Air Group finalises its acquisition of SIG Air Handling

The France Air group, a designer and distributor of Ventilation products and solutions for indoor air quality and comfort, announces that it has completed its acquisition of SIG Air Handling, a division of the British group SIG plc.

SIG Air Handling is a European leader in the distribution of ventilation products for tertiary and residential buildings with a large European presence and strong positions in France, Belgium, Bulgaria and the Netherlands. It also covers the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Austria and Hungary. The France Air group has a strong presence in France, Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. These complementary territories provide optimal coverage and give the new venture a solid European base.

This acquisition enables the France Air group to accelerate the internationalisation strategy that Laurent Dolbeau has been implementing for the last five years, creating a European leader in Ventilation for buildings with 1800 employees based in 14 countries in Europe.

In 2018, the SIG Air Handling division reported approximately 350 €M revenue while the France Air group recorded almost 150 €M. The new group is expected to achieve a combined revenue of approximately 500 €M, propelling the new venture into the top 5 biggest players on the European ventilation market for indoor air quality and comfort.

Mr Laurent DOLBEAU, CEO of France Air Group :

This acquisition will enable the group to change dimension and become one of the leaders in the European ventilation market, without changing our business model. It will also enable the group to retain its financial independence and preserve the human and management values which have been key to the success of France Air: managerial autonomy, accountability and commitment_Mr Laurent DOLBEAU

Mr Olivier DOLBEAU, President of the France Air Group :

Je suis heureux de cette belle opportunité d’élargissement et de croissance du groupe France Air sur la scène internationale. Elle permet en effet de maintenir la dimension familiale de l’actionnariat qui a permis de construire l’entreprise depuis 60 ans years_Mr Olivier DOLBEAU


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